Saturday, May 29, 2010

Time's Up

Well, today is the day I leave Colorado. This past month has been frustratingly complex, and frankly I am glad it's over. Everthing I own is packed into a storage unit with the exception of a few pounds (I packed my scale before I could check) of junk that I am taking with me. This isn't even the right junk, but it's my first attempt at what I think I need. I will make additional attempts in Vegas as I purchase the things that are more likely that I would need, then upon arrival in Togo I will immediately realize what was needed. This test seems quite unpassable, but I am choosing long-term items over short-term, and things that would be really tough to get there over things that should be available (like shoelaces). To be honest, 80 pounds of Mentos is sounding like the smartest idea, and would save me a lot of hassle.

I am beat. Every day for the last two weeks has been pack pack pack. I have not had time to make a list of things for Togo, review all the pre-departure material, or study my French. I feel like I will be playing catch-up for the first little while, or a great while. I did, however, see some friends and eat a burrito. My going away party was great fun. We shot some pool and hung out and generally had a good time.

Next post Las Vegas...or maybe DC...or maybe Togo if I am really lazy.

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