Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ici et La Bas: Where are you?

Do you know where you are? I do. Since coming to Togo I know where everyone and everything is…all the time. In Togo, there are only two places you will find anything: ici (ee-see) and la bas (lah bah). This translates to here and over there. I have tested this theory often which a great variety of people, and without fail whenever I want to know where something or someone is, I get one of those two answers. I had no idea life could be this simple. I have thrown away my maps.

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  1. Salut, I am a recently recruited Peace Corps volunteer and will be coming to Togo in the middle of September to work in the Natural Resources Program! I am trying to get connected with other volunteers before I go, and I am hoping to get an idea of what it is like and what I need to bring. Please let me know if it would be okay to ask you questions, my email is Thanks!